Komono-cho Mie

My hometown Komono-cho, Mie is surrounded by jagged lofty mountain ranges including Shakaga-dake with an elevation of 1092 m.

On sunny days various coloured trees could be clearly seen standing on these towering mountains even from the distance, mainly pink and green of cherry blossoms trees in spring, pale yellow green getting darker in Summer, autumnal tint of red, yellow and orange colour of deciduous trees and white cap of snow on them in winter.

Contrary on cloudy days or early mornings, hazy shades of mountains looked like light-coloured picture or Sumie (black-and white paining).

Because of the intricate geographical feature of the mountains and the sea in this area and crystal clear groundwater running beneath, unique Gyokuro (refined green tea) and Kabusecha (covered tea), which are both made from the leaves of tea plants grown under covers to shutter the sunlight, have been produced since long time ago.